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Clockwise Social Impact Report 2021

Social Return on Investment (SROI) is a widely-used technique for assessing the social value that an organisation brings to the community it serves. That value can come in many ways, and the analysis is carefully designed to establish:

First, what those social values are for the organisation’s users.

Second, how well the people the organisation serves think it is performing on those values.

And third, for each of those values to estimate in financial terms what may be the return on the investment the organisation is making.

Clearly, it’s vital that the survey be carried out professionally and independently. For this purpose, Clockwise commissioned Kai-Zen, a consultancy with wide experience in this area, who work under the auspices of CASE, the Co-operative and Social Development Agency.

The SROI Evaluation has provided us with evidence about what members value the most, what their preferences are – and what improved their lives for the better. This is important and it is powerful. Members ranked and valued the following outcomes as the most important:

• Being less stressed
• Being able to manage money

What have Members said about Clockwise this year?

How has joining Clockwise helped our members?

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