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Clockwise created savings clubs to help people save for specific items and events such as:-

  • Christmas
  • New car
  • Holiday
  • Home improvements
  • Back to School/School trips
  • Laptop

to become a member and join a savings club.

The benefits of this more focused saving means that you’ll save a lot quicker and manage your money better.

Flexible Ways to Save

There are a number of options to save:-

  • Deposit cash or cheques at our Leicester branch
  • Deposit cheques at our local community points.
  • Deposit cash at your local Post Office
  • Set up a regular standing order to your savings (share) account,
  • Set up payment via Payroll Membership
  • Pay benefit payments directly to your account.
Loans with values

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Great value loans

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Phone Service

Balance & withdraws by phone 24/7

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