Members are central to everything we do and are the heart of our strategy.


We want to be the first and best choice when it comes to helping people with their money. Whether you’re already a member or someone who wants to join us in the future, we aim to be the best choice for providing financial services. We’ll work hard to earn your trust and show you that we can take care of your needs and help you achieve your financial goals.


Our Credit Union’s mission is to be responsible and caring, not just focused on making money.

We want to show something special called the “credit union difference.” This means we will be fair, honest, and creative in how we offer financial products and services to our members. We value our members’ opinions and want to work together as a team.

Our goal is to build strong relationships with our members and the community. Because we are owned by our members, we consider their needs first: this helps us stand out against banks and other financial organisations. By being strong financially, we can offer reliable and affordable options to our members. This will help them and the community as a whole to be financially better off. Our main focus is on people, not just profits.


At Clockwise, we believe in doing the right things to keep our Credit Union sustainable and successful. Here are the important principles we follow:

Managing our money wisely: We make smart decisions to ensure that the Credit Union is strong financially. We are careful with our assets and invest our funds responsibly. We also work with partners who share our values to build a stronger community together

Helping our members with their financial goals: We treat our members with respect and dignity, giving them trustworthy advice on the best financial options available. Our products and services are tailored to their unique needs and offer great value. We take privacy seriously, ensuring their personal information is protected. We also strive to provide essential financial services to those with lower incomes and marginalized backgrounds.

Engaging our members in shaping the credit union: We value our members’ opinions, and we offer multiple channels for them to provide feedback. Whenever they raise concerns, we address them promptly, so they feel heard and valued in the decision-making process.

Creating a positive work environment: We care about our employees and create a workplace that is diverse, stimulating, and rewarding. By providing strong leadership, resources, and opportunities, we empower our employees to do their best work and reach their full potential.

Being accountable to the community: We are committed to keeping our promises to the community. We continuously work towards our goals and measure our progress. Through our community grants programme, we provide support to diverse groups in need within the communities we serve. We also share our social impact findings with our members annually.

Supporting the Credit Union community: We believe in collaboration and cooperation with other Credit Unions. We offer our expertise and help those in need. Additionally, we actively participate in regional and national initiatives to promote financial inclusion and raise awareness about the Credit Union movement