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Our Budget account is ideal for those who struggle to budget for important bills or make payments on time.

How it works

The budget account works by dividing your money into agreed pots that you cannot accidentally spend before the bill is due. We work with you to agree the amount you will transfer into the budget account each week or month and how much needs to go into each pot, as well as helping you manager what is left over. You can decide to have the left over money transferred to your Clockwise share account or prepaid card, or to an external account. Over time this helps you become a better saver!

Budget Account Benefits

  • Money cannot be withdrawn until the bill has been deducted
  • Allows you to manage your money better
  • Pay your bills on time
  • Enables you to set savings targets
  • Improves your credit rating and helps you to manage any debts
  • Become a better saver

Regular payments can be made by:

  • having your benefits paid into your account directly
  • transfer from other accounts with your credit union or elsewhere
  • direct deposit from your wages/salary.
All you need to do is decide which bills and payments you would like to be made on your behalf each week or month and Clockwise will do the rest. As long as your income comes into your account as agreed, each of your agreed payments are made on time. We can then split up the remaining balance into weekly, fortnightly or monthly payments to the account of your choice.
Please contact us to apply for a budget account. Jump to read our Budget Account Key Facts
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