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The new Gold Saver is a 90 day fixed notice account that gives you a higher rate of interest on your savings. Issue 1 of the account is now open to members who have held a Clockwise membership account for at least 12 months, with a balance of £5,000 or more in savings on 30th June 2019.

The minimum deposit is £5,000.

If you meet the above criteria and wish to transfer savings held in your Clockwise membership account or Clockwise ISA to your new Gold Saver account, please download, print and complete the form from this page, ensuring you have signed it. Then return; by post to Clockwise Credit Union, 1 St. Nicholas Place, Leicester LE1 5LB, or upload your form through the Clockwise website portal by logging into your account on this website.



Download Application Form

Terms & Conditions

• To open an account, you can only make lump sum transfers from an existing Clockwise savings account. Minimum deposit is £5,000 and maximum balance is £50,000 (maximum balance is subject to change).

• Interest due will be paid within five working days of the end of the notice period.

• All funds held with Clockwise are covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (refer to website for current information).

• Requests to withdraw can be made at any time and will be held until the end of the notice period.

• It is not possible to withdraw from this account until the end of the notice period. We may, at our discretion, allow withdrawals in cases of hardship or exceptional circumstances you could not have reasonably foreseen – terminal illness, bankruptcy etc. In such circumstances  you will need to contact us in writing and we will consider each case individually.

• You have the right to cancel the agreement and close your account within 14 calendar days from the date of your initial deposit. The funds will be transferred into your instant access account, no interest will be paid, and the funds withdrawn as per our normal closure procedure.

• At the end of the notice period and after interest has been paid, you will be offered the option to place your funds into a further fixed notice period account (subject to the product being on offer), or have the funds transferred to your instant access account.

• If the withdrawal request is for a partial withdrawal of funds which leaves the balance below £5,000, the account, will be closed, and any remaining funds transferred to your instant access savings account.

• Clockwise reserve the right to change the rate of interest and will give 90 days notice to that effect.


Download Application Form
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