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It pays to be a Clockwise Credit Union Member

This year Clockwise Credit Union gave back over £10,000 back to our members who borrowed money. Clockwise was thrilled to let Ellise, a Clockwise member from since 2019, know that she had won the £5000 grand prize

Clockwise News

Clockwise awards Community Grant to local foodbacks for Christmas 2023

When you save or borrow with Clockwise your money is invested back into the community. Clockwise operates a Community Grant Scheme that awards local groups and individuals grants for a whole range of items that ultimately benefit the community the group/individual works to serve.

Clockwise News

Clockwise Member Hamper Giveaway – 2023

For the second year in a row, we’ve given out 10 Christmas hampers to members. If you visited the Leicester or Rugby branch this week, or called our Member Services team, you may have been given a hamper with some festive food & treats!