Here are some questions we often get asked about the Clockwise Current Account. If your question is not answered then please contact us.


Account Opening

The quickest and easiest way to apply for a Clockwise Current Account is online. Alternatively, you can apply in person at either of our Leicester or Coventry branches.

We will try to identify you electronically using HooYu, our trusted security partner. You will be asked to upload ID documentation and provide facial biometrics. If this is unsuccessful, you may be asked to visit one of our branches with proof of your identity and current address. A list of acceptable documents can be found here.

Yes, you must be aged 18 or over to open a Clockwise current account.

You can upgrade from the Engage card to a Clockwise Current Account here. If you upgrade and agree to the closure of your Engage card, your current account will be free of charge for the first 90 days after opening.

No, unfortuately we are not part of the Current Account Switch Service.


Unfortunately, we only offer single accounts. You can however request additional cards if required.


Using Your Current Account

Bank transfers and regular payments such as wages and benefits can be paid directly in to your account using your unique sort code and account number. You can find your account details by logging in to your online account.

You can pay in cash or cheques in branch.

Cash can also be deposited at any PayPoint – fees apply, check the Fees, Limits & Important Information section for more details.

You must deposit a minimum of £100 per month to keep the account open. The maximum you can hold in the account is £10,000.

You can use your debit card to withdraw cash from an ATM. The maximum withdrawal from an ATM is £300 per day. Charges may apply depending on your billing plan. Some ATM providers also have their own charges – check before using.

You can also withdraw small amounts of cash in branch during our opening hours – limits apply.

There is also the option to transfer funds to another account via faster payment. All you need is the sort code and account number and the money will arrive in the account within 2 hours.

Yes, you can set up standing orders to regular payees. You can also authorise companies to set up direct debits from your account to pay your bills.

The quickest and easiest way to view and download statements is by logging in to your online account and clicking on ‘Statements’. Alternatively, you can call us or pop in to branch to request a paper copy.

No, the Clockwise Current Account does not have an overdraft facility at this time.

Your Debit Card

If you have opted for either the Everyday plan or the Pay As You Go plan, your account comes with a Visa debit card. The Basic plan does not come with a card. If you have chosen the Basic plan and would like to upgrade your account to add a card, please contact us.

Please allow up to 10 working days for your card to arrive. If you are still waiting for your card after this time, please get in touch.

You will need to activate your card before you can start using it. The quickest and easiest way to activate your card is via your online account – either on the website or the mobile app. Alternatively, you can call our automated debit card phone line on 0330 912 7932.

No, the PIN must be retrieved electronically using the website or mobile app. Please note you cannot retrieve your PIN until you have activated your card.

With your debit card you can make in store purchases using chip and PIN or contactless. Currently the limit for contactless payments in the UK is £100.

You can also use your card to make online purchases. When you check out, it is possible you will be asked to log in to your online account to complete an additional security check so we can ensure it is you making the purchase.

The best way to report your card lost, stolen or damaged by going to ‘My Cards’ on your online account or by calling the 24 hour Lost and Stolen line on 0333 202 3645. Alternatively, you can call us and one of the team will be happy to help. Once your card has been reported, a replacement will be sent to your home address.

Your first replacement card is free. After that, there will be a £10 charge for each replacement card.

If your card has been lost or stolen and there are transactions you do not recognise, please get in touch as soon as possible.

You can freeze your card by logging in to your online account, clicking ‘My Cards’ and then ‘Freeze Card’. Freezing your card will temporarily block all card functions. You can unfreeze your card once it has been found.

Freezing your card will not stop any direct debits or standing orders from being sent.

You can view your PIN by logging in to your online account, clicking ‘My Cards’ and then ‘View PIN’.

When you’re outside the UK, your card can be used to make purchases and ATM withdrawals just as you do at home, wherever you see the Visa logo. Fees and exchange rates apply – check the fees section or refer to your account terms and conditions for more information.

The first thing you should do is freeze your card.

Then you should:

  • Review any recent purchases and check whether the merchants trade under any other names – for example, Argos may show as Home Retail Group or HRG.
  • Check whether any free subscriptions have rolled in to a paid service.
  • Check for any ongoing recurring payments.

If you still don’t recognise the transaction, you should call us as soon as possible on 0330 175 5792.

Fees, Limits and Important Information

For a list of all fees that may apply click here.

Yes, you can change your billing plan. You will need to call the branch and one of the team will be happy to help.

You can view and download the terms and conditions for your Clockwise current account here.

Account Closure

You will need to call us to request an account closure. Before you close your account you will need to make sure:

  • Your account is not overdrawn
  • All standing orders and direct debits have been cancelled
  • You have no pending payments