Please click on any of the green Apply Now buttons which you will find on the home page and other product pages of this website.

You will need to apply online or in person at one of our branches of local community points. You can find a list of our branches and community points addresses and opening times by going to About and then click on Contact Points

Yes. There is a £4 joining fee which is deducted from your first deposit. You must also keep a minimum of £1 in your account to keep it open.

If we have been unable to identify you online via electronic ID check, yes. We require two forms of identification; one confirming your identity and one confirming your address. You can submit this via fax to 0116 2423905, email to, in person or by post (please post photocopies not originals).

For membership applications provided we can identify you either online via an electronic ID check or by two forms of ID, you will be notified within 48 hours.

For loans, provided you have submitted the supporting paperwork, a decision is given within a maximum of 48 hours, often sooner.

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