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Great news! On the 2nd of October 2023 Rugby Credit Union becomes part of Clockwise Credit Union. Rugby Credit Union members will become Clockwise members and get access to a new & improved range of services.

Key member information

Rugby Credit Union

Rugby CU will merge with Clockwise Credit Union on Monday the 2nd of October 2023. Your account and branch will remain open as normal and you don’t need to take any action. Over the next few weeks we will contact you to let you know more about these changes and how your membership will be transferred. We are aiming to have all memberships transferred by 30th October.

Your Accounts

All of your existing savings and loan accounts will be transferred automatically to Clockwise Credit Union over the next few weeks- you don’t need to do anything, we will contact you with all relevant information. We are aiming to have all memberships transferred by 30th October.

New Member Number

All Rugby membership numbers will change. We are writing to all members to confirm new membership numbers. You won’t need to reapply, we’ll transfer your details over to Clockwise.


All current loans will be transferred automatically. Your repayments will remain the same. If you have an outstanding loan, there is nothing you need to do – your membership, including any loans, will be transferred over to Clockwise by 30th October.

Loan Applications for Rugby Credit Union will pause on 25th September. New members will be able to join Clockwise. 

Existing members will be able to apply for loans after 30th October.



Good news! Clockwise’s saving limit is £85,000. Our ISA rate is currently 3.85% AER. If you’re currently saving with Rugby Credit Union, you can get a better return on your savings.

Our standard savings rate is 0.8%. If you would like to open an ISA you can apply online.


Online Access

Online Access for Rugby Credit Union will close 28th October. You’ll be able to access your accounts online with the Clockwise website & app from the 30th October. We will write to you with your new membership & how log in to your new Clockwise Account online.

Find out more

Please check our questions and answers section below.

All Clockwise savings and deposits are covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme. Click here to find out more information.

The interest rate and terms of any outstanding Rugby Credit Union loans will remain unchanged for the duration of the loan.

If you chose to top-up or take out a new loan with Clockwise, please check the T&Cs and interest rate on your application.

Online banking will move to the Clockwise website and mobile app. The existing Rugby online banking will shut down and members will be able to start using the Clockwise service. You will be contacted with more info before the 30th of October.

You will need to register to access the Clockwise service. To make this as easy as possible we are sending a registration code and instructions on how to register to all members. Look out for your unique registration code in the post.

Yes, the Albert St office will remain open with the existing staff. Rugby opening hours will remain Mon, Tue & Thu, 10am – 3pm.

The name “Rugby Credit Union” won’t exist from 2nd October 2023. We will continue to use the Rugby Credit Union website and you will be able to access your account temporarily during change over. From 28th October you can view & manage your accounts online or with the Clockwise app (iOS & Android).

Following the merger, all members will receive a new sort code and account number. From 28th Oct you will be able to use your new details to pay money into your account by faster payment, 24 hours a day with the money showing in your account straight away. You can view your accounts online or with the Clockwise app (iOS & Android).

Payments made using the old Rugby bank account will continue to be received as normal for the foreseeable future.

All Rugby CU members will receive a new membership number. You will receive a letter in the post with your new number. Once received, it is important that you use your new number when contacting Clockwise following the merger.

No, all payments which currently go to your Rugby account will be received into your Clockwise account.

Yes, we have a new phone number for members to use from the 1st of October – 03301755792

The old phone number will also continue to work for a period of time.

Yes, from the 28th of October if you need to contact us via email, please use

The old Rugby CU email address will also continue for a period of time.

With Clockwise you will have the opportunity to apply for a top-up loan up to every four months. All loans are considered on a loan criteria and affordability checks.

You will need to contact your bank to give them the new account number and sort code, there is no need for a reference number on the amended standing order. Other than benefit payments, if you get payments from anyone else you will need to contact them and ask them to make the change.

Payments made to the old Rugby account details will continue for a short period. We will let you know when this account will close.

Currently, Clockwise has a Maximum saving limit of £85k per member 

No, we pay annual interest currently 0.8% (as of Oct 23) on our Membership account – see our savings pages for current ISA & Gold Savings rate & any changes to our rates.

You can still get cash from the Rugby branch. You can also call Clockwise to arrange for money to be available for collection at any UK Post Office. You will be given a unique, secure code for you (or a friend or family member) to take into a Post Office branch to collect the money. It’s an easy way to access cash. Learn more here:

The last date you can top up your existing loan is 9th Oct. After that date, no top-ups will be accepted until the end of October. Please familiarise yourself with the Clockwise loans terms and conditions before applying after October as some details may change. You will always be able to access the funds in your account.

New members & local applications join online:

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