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If you are an employer and would like your company/organisation to take part in our Payroll Membership Scheme, please ask your HR department to contact our Business Development Manager, Clare Shilton on 0116 242 3900 or email


Affordable Credit

Statistics show that staff turnover costs businesses in the UK around £42 bn (Daily Telegraph March 2013).

Employees under financial pressure do not focus on their work performance and issues around request for salary advances and loans can create difficulties for organisations. Offering a payroll scheme means you are benefitting your staff with access to ethical and affordable credit.

Financial Wellbeing, Healthy & Happy Employees

Stress related illnesses account for 75% of all GP visits. It is well documented that financial worries will cause considerable stress and affect self esteem which can cause depression and other stress related illnesses. Providing employees with an easy way to save and borrow responsibly, can have a long term impact on their overall wellbeing, wealth and loyalty.

Enhance Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Becoming a partner organisation of Clockwise Credit Union contributes to your CSR by supporting the local economy and investing in members, not shareholders.

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