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Our aim is to improve the financial wellbeing of our local community and so we love to receive testimonials and hear stories from our members about how Clockwise has helped them. It is also helpful for new members to know about the experiences of others too.

If you would like to share a story or provide a comment on your experience with us, please drop us an email to

Thank you!

Help with online banking

“Thank you to Luke who helped me rejoin on line banking. He was very patient, with a sense of humour and, as an oap I really appreciated it.” – Patricia Wall

Made maternity leave easier!

I would like to thank you and your colleagues for your support with organising increasing payments through payroll, it really made my maternity leave easier. Thank you.” – Sarah

Easy & Simple Website

“I get flustered on many of the sites but this was so easy to follow. Easy, simple straight forward.”

“Very easy. Simple to complete. Link to banking information system is very convenient.”

“I suffer neurologically, however this site was super straightforward! Quick and simple! Thank you!”

“Easy to apply – easier than expected. Reputable company. Simple, easy to navigate website.”

Easy to apply for a Loan

“It’s much easier and faster to apply and sign a loan agreement. I used to have such difficulty getting into branch to apply as I have children and wasn’t always able to apply when I needed to. The new online method is brilliant and makes life so much easier for those who do have difficulties coming into branch for one reason or another. Very well done Clockwise. Excellent service.”

“Very easy to apply and well laid out website, easy to understand and apply.”

Thank you so much! I really appreciate being approved. I was so worried about what I was going to do . You guys always seem to help me.”

Refer a Friend

Rosie recommended 5 friends to Clockwise in one of our Refer a Friend campaigns. She said, “Clockwise does exactly what it says it does. Applying for a loan was really easy with payments that are manageable. I was happy to tell all my friends to join!”

Great customer service

I spoke to someone on the phone and she was lovely I can’t think of the words I need to describe her on the phone but she has just put me in such a good mood, I’ve a bad back at the minute so I’m not very mobile and feeling slightly sorry for myself, but she’s just really cheered me up,. I only asked for a transfer but that short interaction has made my day. In a world full of fear and sometimes negativity I just wanted to say thank-you.

Daughter’s Birthday

“I had a loan from Clockwise to help me pay for my daughter’s birthday when her father left us with nothing.”


“I save through my salary and then have a good bit towards Christmas presents for my family. Being part time, now we’ve had our little girl, means our income changed a lot, so this is brilliant for us.”

Relieving Stress and Allowing Freedom

“Clockwise has been no less than life saving for me. As my disability and mental health has deteriorated Clockwise relieves the stresses of managing my money.

The services provided by Clockwise, working with my support worker to set up and manage my budget, has allowed me a freedom I now realise I had needed for years beforehand.

Please expand this linked support service to other vulnerable people. It enables us to remain independent and feel in control when health or other circumstances beyond personal control serve to swamp us.”

Thank you for all you do.”

Making the Impossible, Possible

“Thank you for all the support you have given me and my daughters over the years. It is because of Clockwise that I have made the impossible possible and it is because of your support I have been able to finish my courses at college and graduate. Your support has meant more than words could say.”

Easy, Friendly & Helpful

“Clockwise is the best place for a loan and you have helped me so much so thank you.” – GD

“So friendly and helpful – I will be recommending you to my family and friends.” – DS

“You are brilliant. You always help me in times of need.” – SB 

“I can’t believe how easy it is. I heard the interest rates were better than anywhere else. The staff are so pleasant,  polite and helpful.” – TW





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