Christmas Savings

No-one wants to think about next Christmas before the big man has even arrived to this one, but let’s face it, the lead up to Christmas can be extremely stressful financially. Even if you did prepare, there always seems to be those unexpected expenses that just come up, or you spend more than you wanted to and before you know it, you are headed into the coldest time of the year worrying about how you are going to pay off Christmas. That’s before you have even started thinking about saving for your summer holidays.

Know this is actually a positive thing because starting to manage your money better is as much about budgeting and balancing your saving with any borrowing. 


Financially, the best Christmas present you could give yourself this year is a little money to put aside each week that you save.

And the easiest way to save is to start! Sounds simple but you’d be surprised that many people put off saving until they feel they have enough money to be able to put some aside. It isn’t so much about how much money you put by, but more about the fact you are saving. Even if you just start with £5 a week, you’ll find as it starts to build up you can add more and it’s quite addictive watching your savings grow.

Standing Order

Set up a standing order from your regular bank account to your Clockwise savings (share) account. Because this is separate from your bank, you will find that you are less likely to dip into your savings.

Mobile App

Download our mobile app if you haven’t already and use the savings tool feature in there to set yourself a goal for Christmas next year.

Savings Club

If this way of saving isn’t for you, we have a Savings Club option which helps you save for specific items. Find out more about Savings Club here.

Save While you Borrow

If you borrow from us you can also save while you borrow and receive rewards – each time you deposit £1 into savings coinciding with your loan payment, you will receive a bonus. Find out more about our Save While you Borrow Scheme here.

Start Now

Ultimately, saving relies on you to want to save. Imagine how great you would feel if November 2020 arrived and you have enough money saved to cover the cost of Christmas. You can and why not start saving for other specific items too.

Here to Help

If you need any help or advice, talk to us, we are here to help!

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