Clockwise awards Love4Life Community Grant

Love4Life is a local charity run by a dedicated team of youth workers committed to making a difference in the lives of young people. 

Their mission is “Empowering young people aged 11-18 to build confidence and make positive choices in their health, relationships and education.”

In March of 2023, Clockwise awarded them £500 from the Clockwise Community Grant fund. Love4Life was kind enough to invite us to their celebration event on the 26 April in Loughborough! The event was to recognise the achievements of our young people and the charity. It was attended by the young people and their families and supporters of the charity. Elaine from Clockwise said she was “priviledged to witness the young people display confidence on stage, singing, playing guitar and reciting poetry, much of which was composed by the students. It was uplifting to see the difference Love4Life makes to these young people and the genuine mutual respect they have for each other.”

“the generous donation that we received from Clockwise Credit Union will help ensure that our weekly Love4life group in New Parks in Leicester has enough arts and crafts supplies, refreshments and activities for the rest of the year.  This group supports 12 young people who are struggling with their confidence, self- esteem and relationships. Jessica, aged 16 said “from this day on, when I look back on the past, I will smile and say to myself, I never thought I could do it…. But I did… I did do it. And it was Love4Life that helped me to do it”.You can read more about the Clockwise Community Grant scheme here

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