Leicestershire County Council Employee Savings Scheme
Good news! As an employee of Leicestershire County Council you have the opportunity to join Clockwise Credit Union and get access to our customer-friendly financial services.

Clockwise Credit Union is a financial cooperative owned and controlled by its members. Much like a High Street bank, Credit Unions can provide savings, loans and a range of services to their members. Unlike a bank, Credit Unions do not have to answer to shareholders or investors. So the emphasis is always on providing the best service to members – not maximising profits.

Payroll membership is a hassle free means of regular saving and borrowing, with payments being deducted directly from your salary. The money is transferred directly into your Clockwise savings account or repaid to your loan account and because the money is taken directly from payroll it is a much easier way to save and borrow. This is a confidential service and your payroll department is not provided any details of loans you take out.


I have been a member for years and have always saved a little each month, that way I don’t even ‘see’ the money but know it is saved. Then near Christmas I withdraw most of it and use it to buy presents, it saves the worry over how I will afford them each year. I love supporting a local credit union and I refer residents there too, for loans, current accounts and savings!
Payroll Member
Clockwise have really helped me with my finances. I have been a member for a while now and think they are great. I use the app to keep track of my accounts and its very easy to use. I would recommend to anyone.
Clockwise Member
The payroll deduction scheme was easy to set up and I’ve been able to change the amount saved each month with a single email to the Finance Team. Clockwise also has an app for easy access to my savings account that allows the instant transfer of money from my savings account to my current account as and when I have needed it.
Payroll Member

Clockwise Savings Accounts

Instant Access​

Easy access to your money
  • 0.8% AER
  • Instant Access to your money
  • Interest Paid Yearly
  • No Yearly Limit*

Cash ISA

Tax free interest
  • 4.5% AER
  • Instant Access to your money
  • Interest Paid Yearly
  • £20,000 Yearly Limit*
  • Tax Free Savings

Gold Saver

90 Day Notice Account
  • 3.03% AER
  • 90 Notice to Access Money
  • Interest Paid Quarterly
  • No Yearly Limit*

Prize Saver

Win up to £5,000 a month
  • 0.8% AER
  • £1 equals one entry
  • Top prize of £5,000
  • 20 smaller prizes of £20
  • The monthly prize draw is shared by Credit Union’s across the country
Benefits include:

How to apply for payroll membership

Clockwise membership is free. 

  1. Apply for Clockwise  Membership and complete your details,
  2. Add a payroll deduction to your application when prompted.
  3. We will contact your employer to make the necessary arrangements with Clockwise so that payments are taken via payroll deduction

How to change or cancel your payroll savings / loan deduction 

Contact Clockwise directly to make any changes to your payroll deduction. We will arrange the new amount with your employer’s HR

Just like your high street banks and building societies, the money you deposit into your credit union account, up to £85,000, is protected under the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS). If you have a joint account you will be protected for £85,000 each.

FSCS protection is free to customers, so if anything happens to your bank, building society or credit union, and you cannot access your money, the FSCS will refund you up to the amount of £85,000.