Pay yourself first!

Saving today for whatever tomorrow brings.

There are always things that crop up where you need a small pot of money to make it happen. Think about when the end of summer nears and you’ve got to go kit the kids out in school uniform again, or your washing machine needs repairing, car breaks down and you have to pay for repairs. There are lots of little things that all add up.

Why Save?

Managing your money better is about balancing out the savings and borrowing. However, just imagine for a minute how great you would feel if, when things like the school uniforms or car repairs come up, you had a pot of money saved you could use, without borrowing! Am sure we all agree that would be a good feeling.

Paying yourself First

You can make that happen. By paying yourself first, you will have a pot of money for everyday essentials and in case of emergencies.

Often, people say that they will start saving when they have the money to save, but actually by saving regularly, even a small amount means that your savings start to build. There will never be a right time to start saving. The time to start is now, today.

How to start saving

Simply set up a standing order from your bank to your Clockwise Credit Union savings (share) account. To do this log in to your online account or app. To make this easier, we have listed below how you do this:


  1. Sign into ‘My account’ on this website or click the button at the top of the home page to register for online access.
  2. Click ‘view’ under the Share 1 box.
  3. Click the ‘Deposit Money’ button.
  4. See your account number, sort code and membership number.
  5. Set up a standing order with your bank using these details and choose an amount to save.

Mobile App

  1. Sign into the Clockwise app or download and set up to register.
  2. Click the ‘Share 1’ box.
  3. Click ‘More Information’.
  4. See your account number, sort code and membership number reference.
  5. Set up a standing order with your bank using your details and choose an amount to save.

1.75% Return on your Savings

Saving with Clockwise means you get a really good return on your savings. Last year we paid 1.75% on savings!

If we can help in any way, please contact us. Remember, to have a pot of money saved, you have to start saving a little regularly.

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