Supporting the Work not Worry Campaign

The Association of British Credit Unions, known as ABCUL, have launched a campaign just yesterday that focuses on raising awareness of the benefits for employers to partner with credit unions in offering their staff payroll membership. If you are an employee, you can also suggest your employer partner with a credit union.

Payroll membership is a hassle free way of saving (and borrowing should you need it) with payments made directly through your salary. Royal Mail, British Airways, Boots and the NHS are just a few of the national organisations who partner with credit unions to offer their staff payroll membership.

Affordable Credit

Statistics show that staff turnover costs businesses in the UK around £42 bn (Daily Telegraph March 2013).

Employees under financial pressure do not focus on their work performance and issues around request for salary advances and loans can create difficulties for organisations.

Financial Wellbeing, Healthy & Happy Employees

Stress related illnesses account for 75% of all GP visits. It is well documented that financial worries will cause considerable stress and affect self esteem which can cause depression and other stress related illnesses. Providing employees with an easy way to save and borrow responsibly, can have a long term impact on their overall wellbeing, wealth and loyalty.

Enhance Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Becoming a partner organisation of a credit union contributes to the CSR of a company, by supporting the local economy and investing in members, not shareholders.


Improving Money Management

Regular saving isn’t something that comes naturally to everyone. A recent study by the Money Advice Service found that more than 16 million people in the UK have savings of less than £100. In fact, 26% of working age adults in the UK have no savings and 29% have less than £1000. We know that by saving in a separate account people are less likely to dip into their savings. Saving directly through salary becomes an important payment. We all deserve the security of savings and this is a tried and tested way of doing it. Credit unions turn borrowers into savers. Over 70% of credit union members who borrow continue saving regularly after repaying a loan.

Reduce Debt & Related Stress

As well as encouraging regular savings, payroll membership offers employees the opportunity to access affordable credit. Often getting into difficulties with debt arises from rent/mortgage arrears, credit cards and overdue utility bills. There is a strong link between debt and stress, so having access to safe savings, affordable loans and budgeting accounts, employees are much more likely to succeed at reducing their debt and overcome any related stress.

Simple Service

Delivering credit union services to staff is simple and has no cost implication, other than resource time from the HR/finance department. Ultimately employers help employees manage their money better and reduce absenteeism and increase productivity, hence the campaign name, ‘Work not Worry’.

To find out more about this hugely important campaign, please visit and watch out for updates over the next month on our Facebook page.


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