Clockwise Savings Comparison

When it comes to saving money, choosing the right savings account is crucial. Clockwise Credit Union understands the importance of providing diverse and flexible options to meet the unique needs of its members.

Our savings accounts are all designed to help save money! They’re not designed to be used for your day-to-day banking (bills, shopping and other everyday purchases) – for that you’ll need a Current Account.

Clockwise offer a range of savings accounts. As part of your membership you’re automatically given an Instant Access Savings account. You can also open a Gold Saver account or a Cash ISA – but which is right for you?

Instant Access:

The Instant Access account is designed for individuals who require the flexibility of accessing their funds whenever needed. Here are the notable features of this account:

a. Easy Access to Funds: With the Instant Access account, you can withdraw your money at any time without any penalties or restrictions. This feature makes it ideal for emergency savings or short-term goals.

b. Competitive Interest Rates: While the Instant Access account offers slightly lower interest rate compared to the Gold Saver account or Cash ISA, it still provides the potential for your savings to grow.

c. Unlimited Deposits: You can make unlimited deposits into your Instant Access account, allowing you to add to your savings as frequently as you wish.

You can open several Instant Access accounts and give them different names and savings goals – allowing you to save for Christmas, summer holidays or home improvements.

Gold Saver:

The Gold Saver account from Clockwise Credit Union is an excellent choice for individuals looking to grow their savings while enjoying a higher interest rate. Here are its key features:

a. Competitive Interest Rates: The Gold Saver account offers attractive 3.03% AER interest rate, allowing your savings to grow faster than in a regular savings account.

b. Fixed Term: This account has a fixed term of 90 days. It provides the opportunity to plan your savings goals and lock in a specific interest rate for the duration of the term.

c. Regular Deposits: Members can make regular deposits into their Gold Saver account, enabling them to consistently build their savings over time.

Cash ISA:

A Cash ISA (Individual Savings Account) offers tax-free savings, meaning any interest earned is not subject to income tax. Clockwise Credit Union provides a Cash ISA option with the following features:

a. Tax Efficiency: With a Cash ISA, you can save up to a certain annual limit tax-free. This enables you to maximize your savings by avoiding taxes on the interest you earn.

b. Flexible Access: The Cash ISA account allows you to access your funds whenever needed without losing the tax benefits. It provides a balance between tax efficiency and accessibility.

c. Competitive Interest Rates: Clockwise Credit Union offers competitive interest rates on their Cash ISA, ensuring your savings can grow while benefiting from the tax advantages.

Other options:

A Junior ISA is a tax-free savings account that can help you save for your child’s future. You can open a Junior ISA for a child under 16 if you are aged 16 or over and have parental responsibility for them. You can put up to £9,000 into a Junior ISA this tax year.


Clockwise Credit Union understands the diverse needs of its members and offers a range of savings accounts to cater to those requirements. Whether you prefer a fixed term account with higher interest rates (Gold Saver), easy access to your funds (Instant Access), or the tax efficiency of a Cash ISA, Clockwise Credit Union has you covered. By choosing the right savings account that aligns with your financial goals and preferences, you can make the most of your savings journey. Speak with a representative from Clockwise Credit Union to explore these accounts further and start your journey towards a stronger financial future.

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