We invite you to take the savings challenge

A recent survey by You Gov UK found that about 31% of middle income people in Britain would struggle to find £500 to pay an unexpected bill, without having to borrow the money.

This makes savings all the more important!

This week sees the launch of our Savings Challenge where we invite the people of Leicestershire to start saving!

Simply save a bit each week to build up a savings pot. Try to save 10% of what you earn, so for example, if you get £200, you would save £20. If that seems too much, just save what you can afford and even if it’s only a small amount you will be surprised how soon it adds up.

If you need a little motivation to help you, think about saving for Christmas or even next year’s holiday. It’s always easier to save when you know what you are saving for. If you get tempted not to save, just imagine yourself lying on the beach!

You can set up a standing order payment straight from your bank into your Clockwise savings account and because it’s separate from your usual money, you will find it much easier to save.

In association with the Illegal Money Lending Team, refer a friend who lives in Leicester (LE1 to LE5) to join Clockwise and they will receive a cash reward of £25 after three months of saving. Clockwise will also waive their joining fee too!

Just think if you started saving now you could have peace of mind that if something unexpected does crop up, you have some money put aside to help you. You will also have something to look forward to if you are saving for a holiday or looking forward Christmas without the usual worry of money.

Set up a standing order payment with your bank online or in branch. All you need is the Clockwise account number and your membership number as a reference. Contact a member of our team today who will be happy to help you with this.

Be sure to share how you are doing with your savings challenge on our Facebook page.

Good luck!

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