Year: 2022

Financial Wellbeing

How To Save Money on Black Friday

What is Black Friday? Black Friday is the Friday in November when shops claim to offer big discounts. Black Friday first started in the US

Community Grant

The benefits of using Direct Debit

If you’re not using Direct Debit you could be losing out on both money and time. If you have a Current Account with Clockwise Credit

Financial Wellbeing

18 Simple ways to relax

The problem of stress Life can be filled with worries and pressures, which can cause you stress. Stress is bad for your health. It causes

Financial Wellbeing

Financial planning guide for beginners

Contents: What is financial planning?Why is financial planning important?Phase One: Budgeting, bills and expensesPhase Two: Building an emergency fundPhase Three: Saving for your pensionPhase Four:

Financial Wellbeing

Access to Funding from British Gas

British Gas has provided Credit Unions with some valuable information regarding how to access funding during these difficult and uncertain times: Individual & Families Debt